Peachtree City GA Dentist Office Technology & Infection Control

At Linton Dental, patient safety is our priority. We take infection control very seriously and want our patients to know that our office is a sanitized and disinfected environment to receive their necessary dental care. Our equipment is sterilized before and after each patient’s appointment. Additionally, we maintain a clean office environment that is consistently wiped down and maintained by our team before, during, and after business hours.

We strictly follow OSHA and CDC recommendations and aim to exceed all cleanliness requirements in place for dental practices. You can rest assured that when you sit in one of our dental chairs, we will take every precaution necessary to provide you with the dental care you need while also maintaining your overall health.

Digital Dentistry

Dr. Brian Linton, Dr. Hannah Voelker, and Dr. Frank Rogers are your trusted general dentists in Peachtree City, GA. They provide comprehensive dental services to our Fayette Country community every day. At Linton Dental, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art dental technologies to ensure that our dental services are as efficient and thorough as possible. We are proud to offer the following in-house dental technologies to our patients:

CBCT Scans

Dental cone beam CT scans are used to get a closer, more in-depth look at your facial structure than standard dental x-rays provide. Using CBCT scans, we can analyze all aspects of your dental structures, soft tissues, jawbone, and nerve paths. Dr. Linton, Dr. Voelker, and Dr. Frank Rogers use these scans to achieve precise placements for dental implants.

Because dental implants fuse together with your jawbone, it’s important that we collect as much information as we can about your dental structures beforehand. In less than a minute, this technology provides us with high-quality images to help us prepare for your treatment plan and procedures.

Digital X-rays

To minimize our patients’ exposure to radiation, Linton Dental provides digital dental x-rays. Digital x-rays provide several benefits including no wait time for images, sharper pictures that are easily enhanced, and more convenient sharing for patient education. With digital x-rays, we can immediately show you these images of your dental structures and help you get a better understanding of the current state of your dental health.

Intraoral Cameras

For early detection and accurate representation of dental conditions, Dr. Voelker, Dr. Linton, and Dr. Frank Rogers use intraoral cameras to provide high-quality preventative care. This small, handheld camera is about the same size as a dental mirror. Dr. Linton, Dr. Voelker, or Dr. Frank Rogers place a disposable plastic sheath over the device for contamination prevention. It is used to provide high-quality, magnified images of your teeth in real-time.

Not only does this technology allow us to get a better view of your teeth but it also allows us to show you what we are seeing. This gives you a better understanding of any plaque deposits, decay, worn teeth, and broken or missing fillings that we may find during your visits.