Periodontal Disease Treatment Peachtree City, GA

Gum disease is a common dental concern that we see in our office. To help combat the negative effects of gum disease, Linton Dental offers thorough periodontal disease treatment.

With periodontal disease treatment, our team will evaluate the state of your smile, remove any diseased or infected tissue, and come up with solutions individualized to your needs to help prevent the spread of gum disease in the future. Your smile is important to us, and we want to ensure it is healthy.

If you suspect you’re experiencing the symptoms of gum disease, please schedule an appointment with us. Only untreated gum disease gets worse, so it’s best to seek professional help as soon as the early symptoms set in.

gum disease treatment in Peachtree City, GA

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Peachtree City, GA

Dr. Hannah Voelker, Dr. Brian Linton, and Dr. Ed Davis are your restorative dentists in Peachtree City, GA. If you suffer from gum disease, they will help help you get your dental health back on track with a gum disease treatment plan.

Gum disease results in a variety of symptoms that cause harm to your smile. Our thorough periodontal disease treatment plans will rid your mouth of gum disease. We will also provide resources on how to restore your mouth if your gum disease has resulted in tooth loss.

Why does gum disease occur?

Gum disease occurs when plaque and tartar buildup infects tissue around your gum line. The buildup irritates and inflames your gums, causing gingivitis or bleeding gums. If your dentist does not treat it in its earliest stages, it eventually leads to more detrimental complications. You will start to notice issues such as receding gums, persistent bad breath, and even tooth loss. Your dentist must remove the infection buildup before it gets worse.

What is scaling and root planing?

Scaling and root planing is a deep cleaning of the pockets within your soft tissues. Once gum disease has set in, the bacteria has begun to eat away at your soft tissues, infecting them and leaving them diseased. Scaling and root planing allows us to go beneath your soft tissues and remove all bacteria for a completely restored smile.

What can I do to prevent gum disease from returning in the future?

The best thing you can do to prevent gum disease from returning is to stay on top of preventative oral hygiene visits. We recommend scheduling teeth cleanings with us once every six months. This will ensure that our dentists can keep an eye on your soft tissue health. They will remove any buildup before it hardens and begins infecting your gums.

How long does periodontal treatment take?

The average gum surgery procedure lasts two hours. In some circumstances, the patient will need to be sedated or semi-conscious during the surgery. Sometimes the operation just entails numbing the gums using a local anesthetic. Nonetheless, you may feel some minor discomfort after the procedure. 

Does periodontal treatment hurt?

Periodontal therapy may cause some discomfort, but it will likely be considerably less than you expect. One of the reasons people delay visiting the dentist after noticing symptoms is the significant fear or anxiety. Please do not let this stop you from visiting the dentist as it will only cause further issues. 

How long is recovery from periodontal surgery?

The average time for recovery is one to two weeks, although it could take longer. Gum grafting has a high rate of success and can lower your chance of developing gum disease in the future.